0.10 26/10/02

First Public Release

Sometimes the first running gets into a loop. Just Alt-Break to kill it and re-run.

At present it uses a fixed port (port 1) on an Atomwide/Serial Port multiport serial card. This is hoped to change, but there seems to be an issue with the internal serial port and the UPS hardware.

The routine for getting data from the UPS is not multi-tasking and so may cause delays when the main window is open.

Load level seems to display incorrect value.

0.11 27/10/02

Port and driver are changeable via the Messages file.

Started second window with more stuff on it.

0.12 28/10/02

Cleaned up redundant commands so windows are less cluttered.

Added slider for voltage in display.

Added port no to the messages file.

0.13 03/11/02

Hopefully cured lockup on start by adding an extra serial buffer clear.

Load level in main window now works.

Messed with internal serial port, no joy as yet.

Started to add some control features, not yet enabled.

Tested with Riscstation machine using the internal port with no problems.

0.14 04/11/02

Cured random bug when opening info window when other windows were open.

Now using Poll Idle for lower processor overhead.

0.15 04/11/02

Cured silly mistake where routine was called with branch but assumed call with branch with link.

Fixed window update where it was still updating when window was closed.

0.16 05/11/02

Enabled some test features. The unit seems to need a rest after each test as it works first time but not on subsequent tries until a period of time has passed (undefined).

Added buzzer on/off buttons. The unit re-enables the buzzer on further faults/tests, so you need to switch off again.

0.17 07/11/02

Added bleeps to accepted command sends from back window buttons.

Hourglass when slow updating to main window.

Noticed that battery level never goes above 86% ? only mine ?

0.18 08/11/02

Added some error checking into the serial side of things. The program quits but he dynamic area is still there !

The program now seems to work on the internal port !

0.19 25/11/02

Multitasks during display update (makes display slow, very slow!).

Fixed error checking in serial routines.

0.20 28/11/02

Added check for data length writing.

Note the protocol seems to be based on another companies called Delta

(www.deltaww.com) so it might work with these units as well !

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