Click here to download the GPIO module and support programs. This provides SWI's to control GPIO pins on OMAP3 and BCM2835 processors used in the Beagleboard, Devkit8000 and Raspberry Pi.

This has now been made redundant as RISCOS now has the GPIO control built into the HAL

Click here to download the GPIOX module. This adds back the functions originally in the GPIO module. Just use GPIOX instead of GPIO in software.

Click here to download a version of Zap that will run on the OMAP port of RISC OS. This is a complete archive with all the "bits" needed to install !Zap

Click here to download just the latest builds of the Zap and ZapRedraw modules.

Click here to download the modified source code used to build the above

Update 18/04/2011: Error for "ck" key useage fixed.

Update 27/04/2011: Fix for menu redraw problem.

Update 08/05/2011: Fix for menu redraw problem (again!!).

Update 21/05/2011: Fix button pane not showing

Update 13/09/2011: Error caused by cursor left in some modes fixed.

Click here to download a module and driver for using a PCI serial card in an Iyonix. Currently works with Qtech cards (possibly any card that uses the Sunix chip SUN1889) and BrainBox cards that use the BB16PCI958 chip. This is based upon the Atomwide software (with permission).

Note: the Qtech card needs to be ver3.1 as any lower version will not work in the Iyonix without board mods.

Click here to see a list of working cards/apps

Also included is PCIParallel which adds the Parallel SWI's to make use of the Parallel port on some cards.

Update: slight error in !SerialDev.Modules.IIDualPC.Card fixed.

Update 12/05/2013: Add support for new card.

Click here to download a 32bit version of the Joypad module to allow the Paradise joypad cable to be used on an Iyonix, when fitted with a parallel/serial interface card as supported by the PCISerial module above. It has also been tested on a RPC, so should work on older machines as well.

Click here to download the Date module. This provides a new toolbox object for picking a date.

Click here to download the !UPS program version 0.21 28/08/03

This program displays some of the information available from the Belkin range of UPS units.You may do as you wish with this software.

Click here to see the program history.

Click here to download a replacement module for Atomwide fast serial cards that is 32 bit clean.

Please note no support for this module will be provided by Atomwide.

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